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January Monthly Meeting: Good to Great

  • Thu, January 09, 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • The Boathouse 679 West Spring Street Columbus, OH 43215


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  • Late Ticket purchased after noon on 12/2

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Good to Great 



Take your business from Good to Great! Start 2020 off with this annual event where the speaker is at your table! 

Last year, this event SOLD OUT!

Don't miss your opportunity to attend one of the most popular NAWBO Columbus events - Good to Great!  This annual program is a special event where the speaker is at your table!

Attendees will rotate tables, spending time with 2 different business leaders as they present on specific topics geared towards helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. Register now to receive your first choice of speakers. Attendees will choose their top 3 speakers at registration.

*Please note the date and time change! We are a week later (1/9) than usual due to the holiday and run from 11-1:30pm to offer more content.

This year's speakers include:

Meaningful Story: The Power of Getting Everyone On The Same Page

Haley Boehning, Storyforge 

As businesses grow and evolve, they become increasingly complex. Layers between leadership and the customer increase, decision-making becomes harder and innovation slows. Fewer people seem to “get it” and as a result, resources are squandered and money wasted.

The solution is to get everyone on the same page about why the business is different, for whom it is relevant and why anyone should care it exists.  By forging a meaningful story and aligning everyone - and everything - with it, business owners can simplify decision-making, galvanize their teams, incite innovation and differentiate their brands in a crowded marketplace.  Haley will break down the five questions business owners need to ask and answer to get everyone on the same page.

Generational Leadership: Celebrating 1946 to 2000

Yvonne Cherell, Freeman Focus Management, Inc. 

For the first time in our workforce history, we are witnessing four (and sometimes five) generations actively sharing space, teamwork and leadership in the business world. This table discussion will offer opportunities to learn about workforce characteristics, styles and areas of success. The conversation is designed to help bridge the gap between generational leadership.

Yvonne Cherell is a respected advocate of social justice, equity and fairness in the state of Ohio. She currently serves as President/Founder of Freeman Focus Management, Inc., a contractual group specializing in event planning, project management and training.  Prior to establishing the Freeman Focus Management, Inc., Yvonne Cherell successfully championed a 25+ career in the non-profit sector. As a beginning program coordinator and substitute teacher to succeeding executive director of Franklin County’s only social service chamber of commerce, she demonstrates continued passion for Ohio’s children and families. 

Tips and Tricks to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Sharon DeLay, GO-HR

We’ll go over key areas every business, no matter their size, should pay attention to when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. We’ll touch on processes, people, and resources that play an important role in every step of the way. While competitive compensation is an important consideration, the overall employment experience and potential plays just as an important role. Participants will leave with a checklist to apply immediately!

Sharon DeLay is the founder, visionary, and President of GO-HR, a dba of BoldlyGO Career and HR Management, LLC, which she founded in 2003.  She and her team consult and manage HR strategy, compliance, recruiting, training, non-traditional benefits design, and outplacement.  GO-HR specializes in small and micro business human resources.  GO-HR currently serves clients in eight states and their successes range up to include a business with $1billion+ in revenue and over 1,500 employees. Sharon is the recipient of the WSBA’s 2019 Emerging Leader Award and the Columbus CEO’s 2019 Life Achievement Award for HR Excellence. GO-HR also receive the 2019 Best in Business for HR.

Does Your Customer Love You?

Pam Georgiana, Lutheran Social Services

For many business owners, traditional marketing has always been transactional. The focus is on the next sale. The world is changing! Consumers interact with brands in real-time on digital platforms, wear clothes with brand logos, and rely on brand recommendations from friends and family.  In this way, consumers build long-term, loyal, and engaged relationships with their favorite brands. And smart brands are pivoting their marketing efforts to build these relationships. This table talk will outline the importance of relational marketing, as opposed to transactional marketing, and offer suggestions on how to do it in a small business or nonprofit setting.  

Pam is a marketing strategy professional with a background in experiential and relational marketing, corporate and field communications, project management and brand strategy. She is passionate about identifying current trends, brainstorming innovative engagement ideas and creative brand messaging and turning them into profitable marketing content and strategies. Originally from Cleveland, Pam is currently the Vice President of Engagement at Lutheran Social Services (LSS) in Columbus, Ohio. She is responsible for fulfilling the LSS mission of creating a better world by serving people in need by fostering meaningful and lasting relationships.

Money Talks: Invest Where You Want to Grow

Debbie Harris, Deeplaunch Consulting Agency, LLC

The topic is crucial to the success of any business. The discussion will be around money beliefs, behavior, and benefits. As a business owner it’s important for us to invest in the vision, make wise decisions, and reduce negative debt. This conversation will provide a wealth of knowledge, education, and practical tools. With a total of 11 years of business education and experience, also licensed in Ohio in Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Debbie works with clients to build comprehensive financial portfolios.

Debbie Harris is the Founder & Owner of Deeplaunch Consulting Agency LLC, which aids businesses in broadening their reach, increasing their influence, and growing their brand. She has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and is passionate aiding businesses in thriving. In addition, she also helps families, businesses, and retirees build a financial portfolio that will lasts with the least amount of taxation. She loves to educate, teach, provoking change, and thought.

The Value of Mentoring

Sally Hughes, Caster Connection, Inc.

Having the benefit of being both a mentor and mentee Sally knows first-hand the value of mentorship. The importance of a trusted mentor in crucial for women business owners to help with business challenges and focus your efforts. Join Sally to learn, why a mentor is needed, how to find the right mentor and examples of value.

Since 1987, Sally has served as president and chief executive officer of Caster Connection, Inc. a company she founded upon completion of a professional singing career.  Caster Connection is an industrial products manufacturer and distributor whose principle products lines include industrial casters and wheels but focus mainly on ergonomic material handling solutions. Ms. Hughes founded and leads the business based upon the solid principle: “providing ergonomic caster and wheel solutions to decrease injuries and increase safety in the workplace”.

Stay Authentic & Be Successful

Vinita Mehra, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter, LPA

In a recent survey by the Institute of Education, University of London, 80% of those surveyed believed their cultural identity had impacted the way they led teams within their organization and 40% believed the clothes they wear for religious reasons influenced the way others saw them or created assumptions in others. As a native of India, Vinita understands the relationship between leadership and maintaining a cultural identity. She knows firsthand how being true to one’s cultural heritage can provide a person with self-confidence. Vinita hopes to share her experiences and strategies, and learn from the others at the table.

Vinita Mehra is an attorney and director with Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter. She leads the firm’s Global Business and Global Education practice areas, and is licensed to practice law in both Ohio and India.  Vinita has represented U.S. companies in international transactions on a wide variety of legal issues and counseled non-U.S. companies on issues pertaining to expanding business operations in the U.S. She has also led dozens of education projects for institutions across the country, guiding public universities through the complex processes involved in global expansion. 

The Power of Mission, Vision, and Values

Kerri Mollard, Mollard Consulting

Mission, vision, and values statements are not just words on a page. They are powerful tools for decision making, budgeting, and planning. Once a company or organization gains clarity on why it exists, the change it intends to impact, and the beliefs that make up the culture, they are able to gain traction. Kerri works with clients every day on their MVV statements and is excited to share their insights with NAWBO members for their companies and for the organizations that they serve as board members

Kerri Mollard is a respected authority on nonprofit board governance, planning, and fundraising, and has served more than 90 nonprofits since 2003. As a trusted partner, Kerri was the lead consultant in the creation and launch of Reeb Avenue Center, a national model that houses 14 nonprofits on the south side of Columbus. Prior to consulting, she worked in positions as varied as public relations coordinator, box office manager, development director, and executive director. She has a master’s degree from Indiana University, a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, and a Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting from BoardSource.

Follow up like a Boss

Shannon Mulligan, Vast Results
The power of persistent and professional follow up cannot be denied. We see daily the effects our follow up process and systems have for our clients. And there is loads of data in my presentation on how often you need to follow up. With the right tools in place you can find the "fortune in the follow up."

Shannon understands the importance of sales, as well as its challenges. She has more than 15 years of experience in B2B sales.  After being laid off from a national sales manager role at five months pregnant Shannon quickly realized that small businesses had a desperate need for sales process creation and execution. Vast Results (along with her son Myles) was born. She and her team work with small businesses to create sales & follow up processes and then act as an extension of their team to execute those systems.  Shannon believes strongly in the power of her "Mom Squad" and is working hard to build a platform for moms to create flexible work opportunities while helping her clients get to yes!

3 Key Strategies To Utilizing Your Website's Full Potential

Yasmine Robles, Robles Designs

Too many businesses have a website and no idea how to fully utilize it for growth! Potential leads are often making decisions on whether they want to do business when they land on your site. As a business owner, you want to make sure your website is aligned to the brand while providing the statistics to help make decisions that could impact your marketing. From insights about who is currently visiting the site to seeing if your social media ad is actually working - a website is a powerful part of your business growth plan.

Yasmine, founder of Robles Designs isn't just a designer. She's an expert at glitter bombing your digital empire. With over 9 years of experience, her passion is helping entrepreneurs attract their dream clients. How? Yasmine take those fabulous tidbits that make you unique and strategically creates drool-worthy graphics and websites that turn visitors into raving fans. Yasmine has partnered with organizations that empower women and girls to have confidence and achieve their dreams. Yasmine's life goal to be a passionate, loving and inspiring leader while giving business owners the confidence to strut into a room and sell.

Maximizing Your Banking Relationship to Take Your Business From Good to Great

Jenny Saunders, President, FCBank

A company's banking relationship is critical for any business to be successful. Business owners often let the bank drive the interaction rather the other way around. Knowing what to ask and how to manage the partnership can go a long way in ensuring long term growth and ease of mind. This topic is important because women tend to have a harder time gaining capital/loans to fund their businesses. This discussion is designed to give women the tools and confidence to maximize their banking partnership and secure the funding they need to grow/sustain their business. Jenny has a 35-year career in banking giving and as Bank President she has the unique perspective from a female point of view.

A native of St. Mary’s, Ohio, Jenny brings over 30 years of community banking experience to FCBank.  She has maintained a customer centric approach to banking and has recognized the need to differentiate from the competition with higher-level service, properly matched products, and a community driven philosophy.  Jenny is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She is a member of the Worthington Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees, the Worthington Resource Pantry Board and the Crawford County Concert Series Board. Jenny is also very involved in the Worthington School District as she participates in the Student Mentoring Program and is a past member of the Worthington School’s Master Facility Task Force is well as past President of Worthington Park PTA.

Your Best You

Kristen Schmitt, THRIVE TO LEAD, LLC

This engaging workshop guides professionals to opportunities for greater fulfillment and effectiveness in work and life. Discussion, stories, and activities bring to life the four cornerstones of physical health, emotional intelligence, mental acuity, and living in alignment with personal values. Each facet is discussed relative to its impact on work management, professional effectiveness, and personal gratification. 

Kristen is the founder and president of Thrive to Lead, LLC. Her mission is to help individuals and businesses to unlock their potential and achieve their desired results. She coaches individuals in professional effectiveness and leadership, consults with companies to build and optimize sales processes, and delivers compelling and actionable workshops. This topic is near and dear to her heart from her own experience in living and working with these energies out of alignment, her  coaching work with people facing these same challenges. The content is informed by Kristen's  20-year tenure as a corporate sales leader, coaching work, and continued learning through formal and informal study.

Marketing From the CSuite

Karen Sullivan, Sullivan Solutions LLC

Success starts in the C-suite.  A good marketing strategy makes a positive and definitive impact in every aspect of your entire organization. How do you effectively manage your marketing without actually doing the marketing? SMB owners overwhelmingly prefer to spend their time running their business and helping customers solve problems rather than marketing to customers, 62% of SMB owners were equally or more stressed about their businesses in 2019 than they were in 2018.  Nearly 50 percent of those surveyed do not have a marketing plan for the year, and 58 percent only spend five hours or fewer on marketing each week. 

Karen Sullivan is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and award-winning designer with a life-long passion for persuasive visual and written communication.  She founded Sullivan Solutions nearly 25 years ago to help entrepreneurial companies to augment their in-house marketing with expert services that help drive sales further and faster. Their expertise enables clients to develop effective strategies that are built upon their unique strengths and make confident marketing decisions that drive demand for their products and services.

Know Thyself: The power of self-awareness in leadership & entrepreneurship

Eden Sulzer, Crosworks

Participants will gain strategies and tips for gaining self-awareness and how to apply those insights to drive higher levels of performance, and fulfillment as they discuss the critical role of self-awareness in leadership. Eden will share her personal career journey from employee, at a small employee-owned agency, start up tech firm and two large, global corporations, to entrepreneur as a consultant and coach.  Using the Birkman Method, Gallup Strengthfinder and observations Eden will share stories of personal self-awareness.

As a career and talent coach with Crosworks, Eden is known for her ability to identify her clients’ unique talents and career aspirations and develop a clear plan to turn their vision to a reality. Coaching is a natural extension of her more than 20 years of experience as a marketing and communications leader in agency and corporate settings.  As an expert in personal brand, she works with her clients to help them tell their stories in an authentic, yet compelling way – building reputation and boosting credibility.  Before transitioning to her coaching career, she served as director of marketing in Cardinal Health’s pharmaceutical distribution business and led the company’s internal communications function.  She is deeply committed to gender parity, helping women address the barriers they face in pursuing leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Public Policy in Ohio & Women-Owned Businesses: The Impact in 2020 on Your Bottom Line

Rachel Winder, Benesch Law

Do you know becoming a women-owned certified business could help you grow, scale and generate more revenue? Do you know Ohio will soon have a new certification for women-owned businesses? Do you understand the ways elected officials can help change your business? NAWBO Columbus is impacting public policy in big ways and it’s important to get involved! Rachel Winder, Public Policy Advisor for NAWBO Columbus will lead a conversation about why you should care about public policy.

With more than 25 years of experience working in and around Ohio government, Rachel understands how public policy shapes the lives of every Ohioan. Rachel is passionate about educating policy makers about the impact women-owned businesses have in communities. She worked on legislation to pass the first Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification program in Ohio and continues to work with Ohio’s government officials to create the rules for the program. In this session, she’ll show you how to get plugged into the work NAWBO is doing and the ways it will bring long-term change to your business.  Rachel currently manages government relations for Benesch and successfully represents clients ranging from those in the healthcare field, to business, to education and criminal justice. Her clients have won government contracts with state and local government entities and multiple laws and rules have passed, been removed or amended to improve the regulatory climate for her clients.

Expand Your Current Streams of Revenue To Build A Business That Creates Wealth

Shaniece M. Wise, Wise, Armstrong and Associates, LLC

As a Business Expansion Coach, Shaniece has seen too many business owners that are struggling, stuck in survival mode instead of thriving. On the outside, their business looks amazing but, on the inside, they are barely breaking even. Expenses are too high and income is not high enough. This is not okay and Shaniece’s goal is to help business owners grow their bottom line by teaching them strategies and systems that they can use to expand their businesses, grow their profit margin and build wealth.

Shaniece M. Wise is a Certified Business Expansion Coach and Strategist with over 17 years of experience in coaching and consulting. Shaniece is hired by established business owners to teach them how to expand their current streams of revenue in order create wealth. She is an Author, Speaker and the founder of the Unstoppable Community which houses the Expansion Institute For Entrepreneurs. Shaniece’s Podcast is “Red Lipstick Chronicles – Tips From The Lips of Entrepreneurs”, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and iHeart Radio.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success

Lillian Zarzar, The Zarzar Group

Having studied Universal Principles since 1998 Lillian recognizes what inhibits effective communication. This talk is designed to guide in identifying limiting beliefs, isolating charges related to emotions, and obtaining strategies to overcome emotional barriers.

Barriers originate from early emotional issues lodged at the cellular level. Even though you have addressed these issues, at times they emerge in stressful moments.  You may sabotage success  without recognizing blocks that paralyze your move forward. Blockage comes from emotional issues affecting your ability to make decisions, manifest what you would love in your life and obtain desired results in your business.

Lillian Zarzar is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation conferred by National Speakers Association (NSA) and Global Federation of Speakers, held by fewer than 12% of professional speakers world-wide.  She holds a (BSJ) Radio-TV Journalism, Ohio U; (MA) Speech Communication, BGSU; is a Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator, Demartini Institute, TX.  Lillian is an adjunct professor in Communication Studies, Ohio U; instructor for OSU Fisher College of Business and John Glenn College of Public Affairs.


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